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Provide the highest quality education for all students.


Committed to maintaining a highly qualified effective staff that actively engages students in rigorous and relevant curriculum, which leads to continuous improvement.


Support The Whole Child Tenants:

Students will learn and practice a healthy life style.

Students will learn in a safe and clean environment. 

Students will be active in the school and broader community.

Students will be  supported  by qualified, caring adults as they learn.

Students will be prepared for success  in our global society.


Crenshaw County Public Schools, composed of three PreK-12th grade campuses, is Title I Schoolwide with 2, 270 students. Our schools have an Office of School Readiness preschool program for four year olds and a 21st Century After School program. High school students are offered general, technical, and college preparatory courses. The integration of technology, music, and fine arts is stressed at all levels. Courses are aligned with the Alabama Courses of Study. The School System uses a variety of assessments to measure and analyze student performance. Assessments range from teacher-made tests to formal norm-referenced and criterion-referenced standardized tests. Crenshaw County Public School System is embracing the Alabama State Department of Education's Plan 2020 involving the incorporation of College and Career Ready Standards in Mathematics and English Language Arts, changes in student assessment, and changes in accountability.

Located on "Championship Highway, " U.S. Highway 331 as you travel from north to south, we are Highland Home, Luverne, and Brantley Schools. We are on a journey towards excellence in all that we do.

Dr. Boyd English, Superintendent, Crenshaw County Public Schools


2017-2018 School Calendar

Special Called Board Meeting Monday June 5th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.

Regular Board Meeting Monday June 13th, 2017 at 5:30 p.m.



This is a random sample of the WLHS Student Action News Broadcast Program at Luverne High School. WLHS Action News is a student-run broadcast that focuses on the events happening in and around our school and community. Students anchor the news, video, edit, take pictures, conduct interviews and much more. The students attend games, school prograsms, enter classrooms to interview teachers and students, and so much more. Students edit using Adobe Premiere, and Mac computers. Currently we have ten students and are looking to expand to 25 student for the fall 2017.  

 Crenshaw County Pre K Registeration

Accountability Reports

Student Achievement Report

Student Incident Report (SIR)


Transform 2020 Technology Plan

Alabama Technology Course Of Study

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